angelfuck lyrics – ringworm

slowly fading glory; open up the gate
no one alive
to hear the story; cutting off dead weight
burning the hive
to see the ashes lighting up the sky
now that we know
the answers are lies
never ending cycles; writing on the wall
killing the soul
to bring us closer; hearing of death call
bringer of light
to ease the madness or tying of the noose
beautiful sight
to see the endings come loose
this bloodl*st
ash to dust
sick of us
no saving you (solo: comprix)
cry no more| my sweet wh*r*
there’s more time
for knowing you (solo: comprix)
scratching at the surface; scared to let me in
let me inside
to see the darkness; where i’ve always been
always alone
and now it’s taken; always holding on
you’ll never know
a heart so empty; because it’s gone
my precious angelf*ck
sweet little angelf*ck
my holy angelf*ck

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