anger in pity lyrics – drammagothica

stay here no more
there’s somebody who can help you
the inner emptiness you have
is going to fade away now.

light the fire
in your eyes, an h*llish laugh,
it’s the wrath of a man
who cannot dream anymore.

dark is your destiny
just a kind of past memory
that tears your mind
and takes you by the through.

set your mind free
don’t mingle yourself
you wonder with no aim
through the stream of this life.

strike stronger than you can
screaming that secret name
it’ll be a macabre omen
of a never ending vent
don’t you mind about your heart
you’re in a chamber of horrors now
welcome into the world
of those who cannot keep themselves.

it’s an endless peace
it’s a way to understand
if your inner soul
is going now to get out…

fuddle your feelings
listen to your rage
maybe one day
you’ll be able is react.

run as fast as you can
towards an endless way
towards an always stormy sea
by reason of a indomitable wrath.

it’s a thunder that breaks the sky.
transfix everything on its way
with no peace or mercy
leaving behind
just sadness and cruelty.

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