angry neurotic catholics lyrics – carnivore

i’m suffering from depression
the anger turned within
what do i gain for all my pain
perhaps a seat in heaven?

don’t do what you want
do what you’re taught is right
your life is built on paranoia and guilt
don’t forget your valium tonight

the agony i must endure
my mind is painful and swells
the punishment for what i’ve done
is forever the pains of h*ll
how come what is natural
has to be a sin?
why would god give me this urge
if i cannot give in?
they say don’t give up
that jesus loves me

i went down into my bas*m*nt
confused and depressed
put black sabbath on
razor blade in hand
a wilkinson i think
ten slashes on each arm
my only wrongdoing
was being born human
and following my instincts
i never was happy
i never was sane
so i shall be extinct
the growing pool of crimson
at last i am pure
witness my sanguineous penance
i don’t need anyone
my soul’s been set free
death is total independence

stand up straight
stomach in
shoulders back
sound off

angry neurotic catholics
it’s a sin
angry neurotic catholics
it’s a sin

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