anonymous lyrics – pansy division

crowded night, rock and roll bar
the band is playing loud with roaring guitars
the crowd is dancing madly, slamming in the pit
i´m rubbing shoulders with a guy
i´d love to rub more with
i´m dancing gleefully at the edge of the fray
here he comes again, in a ricochet my way
bodies packed together in a tight fit
he swings his around and i´m grabbing it
going one on one
guys won´t accept your touch
but they will gradly take it
when it´s anonymous
he lingers long enough to feel my hand on his *ss
i grabbed his d*ck a couple times as he bounced
he keeps returning to the spot where i stand
i´m sure by now he knows that´s another guy´s
then he b*mped into me and yanked my crotch
real hard
as he danced away, i was so turned on
i tried to flirt with him before he left the club
he just looked blank at me, he didn´t want to
a guy had made him hot, but he would not admit
face to face that he was getting off on it
to cop a feel, a sneaky kind of joy
a moment of connection with another boy

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