another face in the crowd lyrics – home grown

whenever i go out to parties,
i try so hard just to fit in.
i’ll walk around with a cup of beer in my hand.
and smoke a cigarette.
i want to be like everyone else.
if i was a rock star, the would notice me.
and they would want my autograph.
i’ll have a video on mtv.
and i’ll be signed on epitaph.
i’m just another face in the crowd,
i’m not gonna let it bring me down
because i know someday i’ll break away.
i’m just another face in the crowd,
i’m gonna break away somehow,
before my mind goes insane.
everyday i think about my future.
i don’t know what i want to be.
it always seems like i’m stagnating…
uh whoa uh whoa uh oh oh… oh!
separated from society.
if i was an actor like keanu reeves.
then all the girls would scream and shout and tear.
i’ll be rich and famous from the movie screen.
and by this time we’ll be sold out.

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