answer to me lyrics – benediction

such a gruesome bleeding heart
stabbing against the thrust
those vicous memories
of broken trust
the bitter food of hatred
i will force feed
you’ll suffer my indifferrence
answer to me
my faith in you destroyed
by hypocrisy
it r*t*rds your thinking
answer to me
retard your thinking
answer to me

broken chains of honesty
fallen without grace
i return the favour
on your second face
i am not the reason
deceit reigned within
since you cast the first stone
are you without sin?

scutinize – no!
retard your thinking
carrion ways, no power to judge
brimmed with aggressive scorn
d*mn your name, forever wish
you were never born
tragedy – your obsession
retard your thinking –
my oppression
sympathize – no!
retard your thinking

the final remnants erased
your ident*ty
retard your thinking
answer to me

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