apple pie a la mode lyrics – destiny’s child

kelly: beyonce
b: what?
k: mich*lle
m: what?
k: look
b&m: where?
k: hold up don’t turn your head. just slowly turn your head
b: oh yes
m: oh
b: girl…
m: he’s definitly fine
k: that’s right
he walks in the club with love in his eyes
s*xy steps flock flockin females by his side
lookin scrumptious, even though he ain’t tryin’
finest thing that you ever did see
s*xy creation had his hat tilted to the side
starin at me, had my nostrils open wide
can’t even vocalize what i visualize, had my body paralyzed
as he smiled at me, i said
hey boy would you enjoy sittin’ next to me in your corduroys?
i’m from texas my girl is from illinois
where you from, can i come visit you sometimes?
my oh my you seem like husband material
that and a cheerio
are you married cause your very very extraordinary, kinda scary
i want your name added to my vocabulary
*chorus* 2x
lullaby love
where have you been all of my life?
your chocolate covered, strawberry, apple pie a la mode
tell me your dreams and aspirations
what’s your furture plans
what’s your motivations
boy i’m lovin how your so unpredictible, boy i’m feelin you
guess i gotta get with you
admiring your marc jacob gear
hit as i step say a prayer
you available, so sensual
lullaby love heartbreakable, so special, baby makeable
it’s all in the way you look at me
apple pie a la mode
i’m sure i’ll me enjoying your company
apple pie a la mode
you turning me on with your modesty
apple pie a la mode
you have such a beautiful personality
apple pie a la mode
so scrumptious love
apple a la pie mode

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