april fools day lyrics – december wolves

symptoms manifested, you must be tested.
opportunism from a beast of minimal hate.
but i was a devil without a cause and a killer among thieves.
to perpetrate betrayal in progress…
try to put your money where your mouth is.
sensitivity replaced…
by the mouthwatering taste of superficial expectations
sporadically placed in every single syllable.
in the presence of a genius, i’m sh*ll-schocked!
designed for spectators only.
proceed with unholy mire…
stupid and f*cking pointless desire!
opportunism? f*ck, you must be wasted.
we’re not supposed to be the beasts of maximum death and hate!
circles of friends lie over the f*ckin’ rainbow.
but it makes so much sense to be dead,
and so tasteful sinners blend repent and forgiveness.
forlorn is the face of deceit that can’t prosper in human form…
because i don’t believe in sh*t!
after all, ’tis the season for treason.

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