are you an angel or a dream lyrics – draxsen

[verse 1]
you have big brown eyes, they’re the light into your
and when you smile at me, my confidence grows bold.
i want to hold you, so i can feel each breath you take.
i sip at the well of love, each sip i love to make.

are you an angel or a dream [4x]

[verse 2]
i dream of your golden locks, flowing down your back.
i’m your disciple, i’ll follow you to h*ll and back.
you have the patience, the patience of a saint.
no greater portrait could pic*sso paint.

are you an angel or a dream [4x]

you offered me salvation, i run into your arms.
i wash your feet in arbitraged, before i lay down palms.
what is it about you, that draws me to your life.
just a game of l*st in love, to take you for my wife.

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