area 69 lyrics – youth ahead

it was a dark and dreary night
that a sp*ceship landed right in my backyard
it shook my room and woke me up
from a deep sleep
from a cool dream
something bright, a yellow light
like a moonbeam
so i stood up
i went to the window
where i saw a pretty yellow light
what a sight, what a fright to see
an alien looking straight up at me
does he want to hurt me?
does he only want my family?
should i offer him a kudo?
or should i just go say h*llo?
should i just go say h*llo…

i walked out my backdoor
up to it and stuck my hand
right in the air with fear
but i said to it
“h*llo and how are you?”
well then it turned to me
and i could see
that this alien was surely not a he
and so i said, “i come in peace”
she said, “please make love to me”
who am i to complain?
i don’t even have to ever know her name
could my girlfriend ever know
that i screwed a ufo
that i screwed a ufo

i should have known right from the start
that this e.t. b*tch was to break my heart
she had her own way
she sucked me into her game
she might as well just be a normal girl
she smiled and waved
and took off back to the milky way
to the milky way
to the milky way
to the milky way
yeah, ohhh

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