as blood rains from the sky lyrics – fleshcrawl

as blood rains from the sky

kill the f*ckin’ b*st*rds – spill their godd*mn blood
the war machine is raging hard, the horror never stops
killing on adrenaline – the devil’s in my back
unleashed hate defeats my fear, i shred to live

as blood rains from the sky
marching to die, h*ll on earth, external extinction applies
as blood rains from the sky
bringer of pain, monger of death, the human race gone insane

screams throughout the firestorm – the enemy draws near
i get myself up out into, the battlefield of fear
i see the mangled bodies – victimized by war
i join the madness to stay alive, as the bullets cut me down

hit by hostile fire – my warhead’s still alive
i crawl my flesh into the trench, destruction in my mind

i’m lying here like helpless – bleeding f*ckin’ wounds
conflict of my inner senses, unconsciousness comes soon
m*ss annihilation – redolence of death
prepare myself for the attack
to kill the innocent ones ahead

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