ascending beyond good and evil lyrics – dodsengel

in firmament as in aether, across
the myriad planes in times
before and after the formation
and dissolution (of all)
thirst for the tempting waters
of wisdom’s bottomless
well (driven by chaos in
one’s soul) drive wanderers
to that secret orbit, thrice
blessed, thrice profaned
(h*rned and hallowed)
onwards, unto heliopolis!

across kingdoms of sh*lls.
(impotent qliphotic residue)
eldritch planes and
mountains of initiation.
(aethyr and abigneus)
beyond deserts of dispersion
unto the h*llish core.
(the triad beyond the abyss)
few are chosen to wander the
coils of the bronzed serpent
(the eternal dragon)
to find their balance on
the razors edge.

the earnest aspirant, the
moving omphalos, will
find no rest from the
path that chose him.
no respite, but a guide, let the
ibis descend, oh trismegistos!
let the ape hail the sun.
oh trismegistos!

lord of secret arts and words.
self-sp*wned and h*rnless.
impart thine words to the
weary traveller, crowned
king of transgression!

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