astronomy lyrics – jethro tull

the middle lane has trapped my car
in red-light claustrophobia.
i slip the shackles, cut the rope —
stand naked with a telescope
as the cat walks alone
under a big sky.
against the dark so thin and white —
gonna be a big sky night.

miss galileo, come with me
and view the new astronomy.
black hole dressing on salad plate —
quasar at the kissing gate.
now the cat, he walks alone
under a big sky.
umbrella dome pin-pr*cked in lights —
gonna be a big sky night.

my spectacles, my white lab coat —
my coffee, thermos and my notes.
i pat my pockets. i got the keys
to the secrets of the observatory.
and closing the door,
i feel a new dawn
as the darker slides align —
you to yours and me to mine.

and now you stand, *ssisting me —
i can touch what i can see, see, see.
i look in wonder, i feel no shame —
see the consequences of the game.
expand the universe.
head for the big bang.
reach for my switch and shout —
gonna turn the big sky out.

there’s got to be astronomy.

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