aura damnation lyrics – divina inferis

…i seek not the will of mercy but thy divine will…
satan, your tongue is a spear
of devotion in a very heart of the nazarene
breathe your hate through me
thy malevolent spirit lurks beyond this flesh
i shall spread the “word of god”…
thus hearken! this is the “word of god!”
lead the children of god into the furnace of perdition

i seek not the will of man
i seek not the gates of salvation
the aura of d*mnation is burning
the painful burden of earth
ant*thesis of all holy…
and ashes fall on the human ruins…
the perdition awaits…

devil, your profane stigmas
shall sink deep into petrified flesh of man’s son
so many are thy names
so many are thy faces to praise…
let the devotion receive your h*rns
let us impale in thy name
the aura is burning
benedictus ye in sin

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