autumn song lyrics – wereworld

the hunger of a rage filled crowd
can put a price… can put a price on life
your life has been sold little czar
“what god builds up, only god breaks down”
you never thought that dad was so much wrong
life thirst has nothing to do with god

so close your eyes and dream of better years
’cause rasputin can’t help you now
the shooting starts

a black cloud brought by the breeze
means tragedy
and death makes equal with her sleep
both poor men and kings
and those who *j*c*l*t*d misery
fell off like dead leaves
and n*ble blood fed the trees
red like communism…
…a murder in autumn

the summer’s gone
but still july
rain and fog
are tears as angels cry
bones lying on the ground

this is the end
czars and kings, times fade away
princes and queens
their bloodlines and genes
meet the guns of decay

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