awaken lyrics – uneven structure

a dense, dull quiver can be felt from far away
morsels whirls all around, melting down
an aberration into the womb breaks the microcosm
aurora of a new abstract and elaborated macrocosm
this irrepressible fever plucks on stimulations
a dim halo appears at the heart of this randomness
its bracing radiation projects patterns all over
the splendor conveys me into a boiling torrent
freed from the womb, an overwhelming light surrounds everything
expelled through this intense breach
a whole new set of perceptions gives warmth
the cosiness of gestation has come to an end
genesis of a new cycle, the dawn of life
as this intimate alcove transforms into a peculiar place
a protective entourage builds up, fulfilling me with great motives
this thirst for the unkown goads me to leave my nymph
a will to fully value every portion of this vast realm
precise shapes appears as the bewilderneness of the elements is lessened
merely displaying the underlying fabric of the environment
and i open my eyes to see a…

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