awash in gore lyrics – splatterhouse

how long has it been/i’m confined to this box
they have laid me to rest, decay, fester and rot
for of peace i know none/death has only brought pain
the foul stench of my flesh has driven me insane
my head is now pounding i must ease the pain
long has it been since blood ran through these veins
now brought back from death, from eternal sleep
to stalk this wretched earth, a living flesh feast
cadaver-brought back to life
earth vomit-deaths putrid slave
fresh flesh, guts and brains to devour
fear and terror paralyze your face
no grave can hold me nor casket contain
this dead rotten body and it’s l*st for brains
i splinter the pine and tear up through the earth
nightfall has come and h*ll’s given birth!!
a putrescent m*ss, i now hunt for my prey
cancerous cadaver, pallbearer of pain
steaming bl**dy m*ss is what i crave
to sickness death and gore i am a slave
cadaver brought back to life
earth vomit deaths putrid slave
dead hands rip your throat in two
blood rains a tracheal spew
black of night/i lie in wait
death approaching/a revolting fate
i gorge myself on muscles, organs, gristle and grime
nothing will go to waste as your flesh becomes one with
awash in gore
through flesh and bone i chew and tear paralyzed by
fear-undead attack
before your eyes i make you my disembowelment feast-
undead attack
organ harvest, cranial dig, ripped limb from limb-
undead attack

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