away & anywhere lyrics – john frusciante

i do dream you
allow me to believe you are the real me
i see you breathing under water
see you on both sides of a door
i didn’t mean you to fathom what you bought
i’m away and anywhere to suffice
every life filled with what will be
if my own will is from me
how do i take another mirror
how do i drink the whole sh*r*
i do greet you
and slam the door in your face
you come in anyways
it’s a long, long time before this takes place
i answer these these questions now
as to why i’m the only one
who carries answers to their fathers
who carries gray sky to the sun
i’m not the railway
i leave all of it to the air
p*ssing highway’s traffic just lying there
carry me away
come in anyways
both sides of the door
the closed and open door

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