b-boys makin’ with the freak freak lyrics – beastie boys

“salt lick. agh yea”
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak” oh ooh
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak” somethin’ brand new for you
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”

yea. yeah
puttin’ song together ain’t no puzzle like yahtzee
sending this out to k-rob and rahmalzee
well let me introduce myself on this cut whoo
i’m adrock, i’m lit like a motherf*ck
well i’m brewing up rhymes like i was using a still
i’ve got an old school flow like mike mcgill
’cause yauch’s on the upright, the sh*t just ain’t funny
got fat b*ss lines like russel simmons steals money got.
got clientele you know i rock well
and then you’re on my d*ck because i’m d.f.l.
yeah mike ’cause playing the b*ss is my favorite sh*t
i might be a hack on the stand up but i’m working at it
i got my hair cut correct like anthony mason
then i ride the i.r.t. right up to penn station yea uh
penn station up on 8th ave.
listen all of y’all you get the ball bath
he’s got the savior faire because he’s debonair
well mike d with the vinyl with the grooves so rare
and the rhymes that we’re kickin’ are doo doo

“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”
“sh*t if this is gonna’ be that kind of party
i’m gonna’ stick my d*ck in the mashed potatos”
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”

been makin’ with the freak freak so unique
i’ve been learning from the elders now it’s time to speak
oh that sh*t sounds nice
mike d come on and get it on y’all
talking sh*t about a mile a minute
put the wax on the table and let the d.j. spin it
well excuse me motherf*ckers can i beg your pardon haa
i’m gonna see the knicks at madison square garden
and like the knicks i got game like i worked at hasbro
on the mic i bug, like i was prince jazzbo
well the rhymes are stupid to make you go coo-coo
you can’t sleep ’cause you’re cindy loo hoo
well down with the hurra since the raising h*ll tour
just listen to his cuts there’s no reason to tell more yeah
cyndy what i didn’t catch the last one
that sh*t sounded kinda nice but bust a fast one
well i’m not known for my speed raps
so grab the microphone and cut out the claps
ah yea, i like that sh*t is kind of rough
i’ll grab the microphone and f*ck it up


well i might seem out there a little deranged
i’ve got to cool off catch me on the driving range
well i’m the ladies’ choise like i was j.j. evans
legalize the weed and i’ll say thank heavens
i’m talking p.g.a. pro tour 2
i’m doctor beppers on the t.v. in my golfin’ shoes
aaah p*ss me an iron and i’ll bust a chip shot
then you throw me off the green ’cause i’m strictly hip-hop yea
i’ll grab the tee i’ll tee off
i’ll grab the golf clubs and i’m off i’m audi- so check me
i’ve got the timbos on my toes when i’m not on the green
i’ve got the costom made boots with the spikey things
i’m working on my driving ’cause i’m going pro
i’ve got the funky fly golf gear from head to toe
“yea, the b-boys makin’ with the freak freak ’cause it’s unique unique”
mario’s nagging nonni’s about the pesto pizza
and then he’s on a mission and he’s checking for peacha

“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”
“b-boys makin’ with the freak freak”

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