b.e.a.t. (instrumental) lyrics – five deez

soul contradict complete whole hole
black n*gg* laugh imagine peace love wack
truth honestly fly race time order human obey
follow world wrong write right
les-(yes) faith-(k(no)ow) escape pretend gansta
power law break rules dictate close/clothes name
still stagnant game play safe live forever
die young fame
people never believe anything
nothing be perfect fast life slow progression
move away far
144, 000 dollar car
insane think infinite
boundary box
beat beat box

beat box beat beat box
beat box beat beat box
beat box beat beat box
beat beat beat beat…

box beat boundary infinite think insane
car dollar 144, 000 far away
move progression slow life fast perfect be
nothing anything believe never people (fame)
young die forever
live safe play game stagnant still
name clothes dictate rules break
law power gangsta pretend escape no faith yes
lies right (right?) wrong
world follow obey human order time race fly
honestly truth wack
peace imagine laugh n*gg*
black hole whole complete contradict
soul soul soul soul soul soul


right people contradict write never complete
lies believe whole faith yes
anything hole escape no nothing black pretend
be n*gg* be gangsta be perfect
laugh power fast imagine law life
peace break slow law progression wack
dictate move clothes away honestly game far fly
still 144, 000 race stagnant
car order insane human safe live
infinite follow forever
boundary world die box wrong young

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