baby raper lyrics – gwar

babyraper, sperm creator
hulking, brutish masturbator
babyraper, emasculator
fleshy flap valve navigator
never leave me,
melted c*m *j*c*l*tor
spackled filth evaporator
high colonic sp*ckulator the
babyraper the babyraper
my quest for s*x consumes all my life
being a god i do what i like i know it hurts you when i f*ck a child
c*m-sumed with c*mming i’ve simply gone wild
drinking and drowning in lakes full of l*st
i’ll still jerk off even when i c*m dust
my s*x is my hatred
my p*n*s a tool
my b*lls are imploding i’m playing the fool
my b*tt crack is folding
the cr*p that it’s holding i heap it all over the stool
oh, babyraper i’m the f*cking
babyraper i’m the guy who stiffed the waiter
mangled public flagellator
turgid bowel exaggerator
fleshy flap-valved gladiator

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