back in this cigarette lyrics – jason aldean

it’s two am in my new home this motel room
an ash tray full of lucky strikes
a half spent case of warm bud lite
counting regrets…fighting back tears
retracin’ steps…gettin’ nowhere

callin’ your name it’s a waste of my breath
there’s no reachin’ you across this cold and empty bed
stirrin’ up ashes, tryin’ to find p*ssion
where there’s no love left
it’s like trying to put smoke back in this cigarette

come sunrise guess i’ll check out and ditch this town
put a few more miles between us
and keep drivin’ till i finally mend this broken trust
hangin’ my hopes on highway signs
if i lie here i’ll lose my mind

[repeat chorus]

i may never know your reasons why
but someday i’m gonna see the good in your goodbye

[repeat chorus]

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