back to the family lyrics – jethro tull

my telephone wakes me in the morning
have to get up to answer the call
so i think i’ll go back to the family
where no one can ring me at all

living this life has its problems
so i think that i’ll give it a break
oh, i’m going back to the family
‘cos i’ve had about all that i can take

master’s in the counting house
counting all his money
sister’s sitting by the mirror
she thinks her hair looks funny
and here am i thinking to myself
just wondering what things to do

i think i enjoyed all my problems
where i did not get nothing for free
oh, i’m going back to the family
doing nothing is bothering me

i’ll get a train back to the city
that soft life was getting me down
there’s more fun away from the family
get some action when i pull into town

everything i do is wrong
what the h*ll was i thinking?
phone keeps ringing all day long
i got no time for thinking
and every day has the same old way
of giving me too much to do

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