back up off me lyrics – master p

are you ready for this?
the ice cream man
are you ready for this?
it’s bad like my high
are you ready for this?

my no limit soldiers, trademark
get em’ up ugh, show ya domes, tru
we tru, ugh, ugh
time to go to war, ugh

i’m posted up on the block, got these killers runnin’, you sick of this
and chicken nuts, n*gg*s slangin’ with cuts
ready to bust on you cluckers
on you n*gg*s that sick ’cause we sicker

n*gg*s slangin’ flickers
i’m in the projects ballin’ with my n*gg*s
i’m hustlin’ quarters and thirty sacks
n*gg*s ain’t f*ckin’ with dirty sacks

i’m hustlin’ i got those ball sacks
but y’all n*gg*s don’t know that
i’m the mad killer, murder, lunatic
you f*ckin’ with a n*gg*, that don’t give a f*ck about you

or your b*tch ’cause i’ll go like psycho
like michael, load this f*ckin’ rifle
start blastin’ at b*tches motherf*cker, yeah ’cause i’m a psycho
out that 3rd ward, calliope killin’ murder

lunatic, out to f*ck you
you heard of a n*gg* not playin’ with a full deck
break ya neck, hustle on ya check
get cho’ spine, get cho’ neck broke

f*ckin’ field cats and chat
no limit n*gg*, real n*gg*, who
don’t give a f*ck when you dead and gone
motherf*cker you feel my bucks from my chrome

back up off me
(feel me)
feel it
back up off me
(my trademark)
feel it back up off me

gon’ pack me with a n*gg* with no bread
nappy head, put chu’ in a grave
give a f*ck about chu’ n*gg*s, p*ss on ya forehead
i’m from that southside, we kill with that cut rock

but n*gg*s they slangin’ that hoo rock
but n*gg*s they wanna boo dock that buddha
n*gg* a quarter, of water
but y’all n*gg*s late ’cause i done took over new orleans

in the southside to the westside to the eastside to the northside
motherf*ckers never realize ’cause the young gon’ die on the streets
i’m killin’ murder, the lunatic
never givin’ a f*ck, i’m tryin’ to make bucks

before i leave this truck
got these killers watchin’ me
n*gg*s not pockin’ me
v got that tech nine and man got that uzi

big boz come with rah rah, n*gg*s with sah sah
kr hooked up the track, so what the f*ck y’all didn’t realize
we back to takin’ the battle, scattle not rattle
get my tic tac and make ya motherf*ckin’ head rattle

like an ostrich, n*gg* you want some sausage
meet me in the french quarters
i’m kickin’ it with them 3rd ward hustlers
and they ’bout it, n*gg*s we rowdy

never givin’ a f*ck, we started this ’bout it, ’bout it
now why y’all sayin’ y’all ’bout it, ’bout it
y’all scared of me, n*gg*s, yeah, y’all scared of me
b*tch talkin’ sh*t, you and ya b*tch, i ain’t afraid of ya

i’m hustlin’ got them ballers
n*gg*s we smokin’ them quarters
fiends be dippin’ that water
but we hustlin’ like it ain’t no tomorrow

n*gg*, feel it
back up off me
n*gg*, feel it
back up off me
n*gg*, feel it
b*tch get up

n*gg*s comin’ wicked, fools, i’m gon’ kick it
be whippin’ n*gg*s *ss like i’m cookin’ greasy chicken
i’ll pop off batter but n*gg*s they wanna scatter
n*gg*s they talkin’ sh*t, i be runnin’ with them 17 round automatics

up the trees, watch them n*gg*s freeze
don’t give a f*ck, take off my shirt n*gg*
no limit on my back, back
but n*gg*s they pullin’ that sack, sack

tru against my stomach, motherf*cker how y’all gonna fade that
the real f*ckin’ click, ain’t no love for y’all dubs
n*gg*s think we slangin’ dubs
n*gg* we slangin’ tapes to you n*gg*s across the world

n*gg*s that squirrel, i got that girl
my lil’ partner got that boy, man, got the whirl
but i don’t give a f*ck ’cause i be sick like suzy
take these 32 round clips from my automatic uzi

run and duck and hide n*gg*, you fried
ain’t no love where i’m from, from the outside to the inside
the projects from uptown to downtown
to across the river

n*gg*s they slangin’ that dope motherf*cker, get cho’ head twisted
in the river, you gone, ain’t no love meet the chrome
i be in the project ballin’ like the black al capone
and if you come sick you stupid

’cause my click don’t give a f*ck but they ready to shoot sh*t
up but n*gg*, you better duck n*gg*
‘fore you find your body floatin’ up the mississippi river

back up off me
back up off me
(feel that motherf*cker n*gg*, feel that)
back up off me, n*gg*
back up off me
my trademark

b*tch get off me
b*tch get off me
word’s up motherf*cker

work this
look me in the eyes if you real
(you’ll need to feel this)
b*tch, get off me
look me in the eyes if you real
(b*tch get off me)

n*gg* feel this, feel it
look me in the eyes, n*gg*s if you real
soldier, no limit, soldiers
(look a real n*gg* in the eyes)
ready for the battlefield
buckle up and [incomprehensible]

are you ready for this?

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