balaam wore black lyrics – deinonychus

my words fell with such silence, as i watched the blood slowely weep from open
wounds. a still rose bled into a sunset, while the red dragon waited to consume
the midnight sky. a dead snake nailed to the wall, coiled and started to feast
upon himself. i’m paranoid! insects were really angels in guise, and my lover;
she was a wh*r*. i cry an ocean deep azure blue. one more injection to try to
forget you. siddhartha, sits staring into the reflection in my eyes. as a sullen
funeral procession gathers. to dance around my dead heart. like lucifer; i fell
into the night. venus star so bright in the mourns light. a laid faith in a
wh*r*s well. so warm was the caress, how could i resist; to take of one kiss.
black devil; under your white sun of darkness i was lost. but now it’s time to
ride the red dragon one more time!

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