bandstarter lyrics – gil

i think i’m gonna start a band
that great depression is at hand
people will mourn across the land
yeah, i’m gonna start a band
or maybe i should write a book
and let the critics have a look
they’ll hail me as the new james joyce
the audience won’t have a choice
you know that i love you
you know that i need you
sixteen years tomorrow
and i’ll never leave
i’m just 16 and tired of life
under my pillow is a knife
i’m sick and tired of this world
but yet i haven’t kissed a girl
i know this world is full of pain
and yeah, i have been cried in vain
’cause my dog died the other day
nothing can wash the tears away
na na…
and i won’t sing that i love you
i only sing things that are true
and i won’t sing no la la la la la
because i’m not in love with you
send by kelly (wanna)

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