bang bang bang lyrics – mindless behavior

told her when i met her
” you the type i like to take out”
tell what we doing for
i hit you with the fake yawn
now she know i’m getting money
16- my own banker
paint the whole city purple
like i’m playing for the lakers.
i pull up on the spot,
i see your beauty, cutie
and she swinging like she got a job at hooters.
hold up, look out,
i see what that about, your jingling
got me faded kinda like the way you toot out
i know she wanna ball
she see this fully kid on the back,
haters whispering ” how the heck is he pushing that?”
homies cursing her, asking her what she looking at
when i race up out the traffic when it’s moved.
i see she’s playing her part
but i can tell she ain’t have love,
so what you putting on for…
you know he ain’t that one.
you got all that hotness, baby
i know what you thinking ” this ain’t enough”
can i tell what i’m here thinking ’bout from day one
bang [x7]
that’s what i be thinking everytime that i see ya
bang [x7]
she got my heart beating like my tunes that’s on my speakers.
bang [x3] b-bang b-bang bang
she with him but i’m a take her
she don’t even need to be there.
bang [x3] b-bang b-bang bang
i’ll be lying if i say that my intentions ain’t for freaka.
[roc (ray):]
white 2 seater,
pulled up in my b*mper and she introduced herself
said her first name rita.
you know my first thoughts skeeter
then she leaned over in the car, hit a smile
then my thoughts got deeper
{she done forgot about her people}
(homie over there in the cut on the set)
acting like he ain’t never leave her
and i’m like y’all gonna leave though
(can’t resist the feeling
that she gave me when i look into those –
– they be killing me.)

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