barbed wires lyrics – furan

i don’t want you to rectify me
the truth lies far beyond men’s wit
it’s dark so you won’t get to see your own creation;
it’s boundless, fearless, vicious…
and it’s coming for you right now
whatcha’ gonna’ do?
watch your own back
then realize that it’s never going to stop
limited expression
signs of neglectful discipline
you gave them one reason
to give it up and die alone
this is as far as you can go
my fate is false and you’re not real
the maze i’m trapped in will reveal
the truth to what i’m doing here
so take it or leave it
i don’t need you to reach my goals
you weren’t there when i lost my war
so i’m prepared to walk through barbed wires on my way
don’t try to run away from me
i don’t care this was meant to be
i’ll find you just to prove you wrong
you cannot defeat me
you treated me like a simple toy
what’s right for me is wrong for you
with a smile on my face i cut through barbed wires on
my way out

[repeat chorus]

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