bastard of christ lyrics – deicide

b*st*rd of the cross relentlessly
strike fear preaching of his coming here
scriptures, twisted words to provocate
rapture from the lord your god so great

b*st*rds of christ – die!

he f*cked himself to save you – put to death, m*s*ch*st
for this his word berate truth – agonized, prophecized
revive the book of fiction – blasphemy, gluttony, to deceive you and me
in battled disposition – hang the b*tch on the cross
ent*tle his convictions – blasphemous, lunatic
your heart is full of hatred – b*st*rds die,
f*ck your christ, will survive,
kill yourself… die!

[lead: brian]

b*st*rd, for your god you compromise
do without, search the truth you’ll never find
scriptures offer little to relate
laughter from the lord into your face

b*st*rds of christ – die!

you think your god will save who – i will see, just believe
you fool, not true, no thank you – enemy of the cross
his word installs deception – pray to god, not for me,
for yourself, soon you’ll see
you’ll die for your religion – holy sh*t, pacifist
untrue with choices given – nothing won, you are dead
describe the holy vision – blacking out, final breath, meet with death,
nothingness, die!

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