beautiful but deadly lyrics – d.o.c

ayo stan, dre layed the tracks, i’m laying the vocals
we need some guitar that rocks, know what i’m saying?
so ‘um, let’s do this

she’s a rich girl, but not the ordinary
extraordinary, a little too much to carry
possessed by a demon on a mission
no man alive can refuse her proposition from this fantasy

but to me she was more than a bad dream
she was a nightmare for man
took her s*x appeal and she taunted
twisted the brother until he did just what she wanted

disregard the laws of the other man
sacrificing the plight of the brother man
i’m not the type to let a woman make me weary
but to resist, he’d have to be a fairy

nothing that a brother wouldn’t want to indulge in
drives a porsche and her purse is bulging
her body in the form of a romantic medley
but be warned, she’s beautiful but deadly

she’s all about the bank roll, you can tell by the gold
eyes deep enough to engulf your soul
she’s like medusa, but you won’t turn to stone if you watch her
one fatal look is all it takes and she’s got ya

on the end, no more to spend
and you’re still thinking how you want to see her again
it’ll be difficult, but boy it ain’t no joke
saying nothing going on but her rent and a car note

you’re wondering how in the h*ll
little knowing you’re the reason that she lives so well
guessing it all harder you’ll submerge her attraction
but she got so many, son, you’re a subtraction

now you roll like you’re crazy
att*tude is send down with being sp*cey
never will i let this stupid b*tch get ahead of me
i know the scoop, the b*tch is beautiful but deadly

she’ll keep you mystified like a swami
for you to slow her down, you’ll need an army
of a thousand strong brothers with a gun
but if they’re careless, then they’re done

she’s an animal not to be taken lightly
once she has a grip and squeezes tightly
you’re in line for such a wonderful kiss
it’ll cloud your sight like the morning mist

no comp*ssion, the minute after you’re a slave
breaking the law making sure she’s paid
yo, you oughta know the girl you see at every concert
she’s in the back with the tightest dress looking the best

know what i’m saying? you have to do like my man cube
tell the females that i ain’t the one
’cause if you don’t, regularly you’re back doing it readily
it’s all to keep up the pace with someone beautiful but deadly

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