beef lyrics – crazy


i can’t sleep n*gg*, i can’t eat
if we got beef, if we got beef now


first verse:

it ain’t no secret, if i’m beefin’ wit’cha
i’ll call my n*gg*, telly bill and let him deal wit’cha
ten g’s richer, i take this war sh*t personal
but it’s all love
i’ll catch him full of liquor comin’ from the club
late nights, that’s when my breathers creep
in all black, your last words on your primeco, “i ain’t comin’ back”
my whole family is full of killas
i ain’t gone even lie
it all started from the god’s eye
better watch these slugs fly, even on these battles in the melphomene
i seen a n*gg* get murdered by a dope fiend
i’m from a city full of killers
and they all snakes
the same n*gg* that’ll smoke your *ss will run up to your place
but in your face, my brother just got jacked, for a quarter ki
the same n*gg*s who kicked the door in, lookin’ for me
i don’t know who it is, so i can’t wait
my mama plane leaves at eight
time to relocate
i take some no-doz cuz a n*gg* can’t sleep
get the choppers out the closet, we got beef


second verse:

i found out the cuban that i’m scorin’ from, he the one that set the hit
tell him it’s bout to be some sh*t, i’m catchin’ fits
i know where his wife lives, let’s kidnap the hoe
put everybody on the floor, my four-four
talks to me in the day, even when, i’m asleep
tellin’ me “let’s go and creep”, man this breather sh*t is deep
hit the n*gg* on the phone, tell him his food is waitin’
put an ounce in the pocket, no investigatin’
time’s wastin’, as his peers h*t the driveway
my n*gg* spence is on the side of the house, totin’ a k
windows are tinted, so we can’t see this n*gg*’s face
in a minute, it’s bout to be a murder case
he turned the car off, my n*gg* telly started bustin’
nothin’ but blood, out the side of the door, started rushin’
this n*gg*’s dead, after all this fire from this heat
aw sh*t i see a dress in the front seat
it turned out to be his mama, and his lil’ son
father forgive me for what i’ve done, i dropped my gun


third verse:

i’m bout to f*ck your head up, when i tell ya, what happened next
my b*tch called me for some s*x, i’m in the lex
my n*gg* sweets had got smoked, about a month ago
by some n*gg*s tryin’ to rob me, i don’t know
what made my n*gg* telly bill, f*ck with that b*tch
she caught him cheatin’, cut off his d*ck, and now he sick
me, i’ve been ballin’ heavy, slangin’ nothin’ but ki’s
all my money come with ease, m*th*f*ck the weed
i hear two sets of screams, but it’s just a dream
for some p*ssy, i’m a fiend, like nicotine
headed to my b*tch house, i see my life flashin’
“why you had to kill that baby?”, my voice is askin’
it’s been two years, since that whole thing happened
i done changed my whole life, now i’m even rappin’
get to the house, my b*tch is waitin’ in the bed
i hit the lights, a bullet shot me in my head
now as i’m bleedin’, i’m on the bed feelin’ strange
it was that cuban, that n*gg* got a s*x change


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