begin again lyrics – faded grey

you claim i was never there for you
when you never even gave yourself a chance.
you failed thanks to insecurities
and placed the blame on me.
don’t stack your problems on my back.
i never said i was perfect
now here we go down that same road once again.
wish i was something that i can’t live up
to when i end right where i began (with no friends).
you expect me to offer an apology
but i can’t find the need to say i’m sorry.
you forgave me for the mistakes i have made
when you’re still living in the past.
we go through life walking on egg sh*lls.
i don’t want to hurt you,
and you don’t want to hurt me.
but somewhere in this equation
there has to be room for understanding.
so much for being friends. begin again.
i guess this is the end. begin again.

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