beneath surface lyrics – immer

immobile of time narrow sp*ce
silence wich kill spirit
dark is predatory what silent predator
poredator wait for sacrifice in hide

eyelids are shake and are wide open
vibrate´s eyes see only dark
the other senses search to environs
and all perceive only indefinite matter

confused´s think feeling slowly
she begin understand, what´s the happen
live body turn raund in grave
and besaid worms waitining to their portion

beneath surface

crys of despair soften clay
request and crying are hide in dark
vois is grow weak with time, devil is smilling
only step is missing to death

beneath surface

the last tear is flowing about face
the last breath is rising up
the heart already beat last spasms
the body is food of underground´s creaturs

soul is parting and body is dying
live is dissolve to pool of fear
gate of h*ll is opening
ash to ash, end dust to dust

beneath surface

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