beneath the black waves lyrics – dead by tomorrow

the rising waves are striking the dark, abandoned
seash*r*, the storm is coming i can smell the rain. we’re
standing on a sinking ship our lungs are filled with
salty water. can we survive this together hand in hand?
the sharks are circling beneath our feet, i can’t wake
up, because it’s not a dream. the wind is blowing harder,
the waves are getting larger we can’t help it just going
with the tide. if we reach the bottom we will lose each
other in the deep. i try so hard to follow you in the
dark, but the raging ocean works against us i can’t hold
your hand anymore, the raging ocean separates us i can’t
hold your hand anymore. i can’t take a breath i’m
drowning, i’m drowning inside. i try so hard to follow
you in the dark. cut your anchors and let you sail away.

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