benedictus ye in sin lyrics – divina inferis

behold the ruins of man,
and the god who bursted that l*stful fire on his skin
“live in me and enter the katharsis of absolute

benedict me in the aura of deepest sins
this flesh of hate exists for thy intentions
i collect the souls to build your temple…
thirsty flock of sinfulness…feast upon the c*nt of

agnus dei, malediction of life and mercy
behold the hateful, violent and perverse blaze where it
all ends
exstacy of h*ll truely lives in pain…
devoted, religious cancer in the essential salvation…
twilight to all that was once created

benedictus ye in sin!
the prayer of obedience was upon the face of depths…
benedictus ye in sin!
babtize the world with that same l*stful fire…
“and now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of
the field
which the lord god had made”
the son of man is hanged to it’s tail
and it’s tongue shalt be thy torment…

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