bestial destruction lyrics – insect warfare

anger, temper starts to rise.
worthless piece of sh*t hiding behind lies.
now you must pay your debt.
with the price put on your head.
break in your home, steal your stuff.
then set everything on fire.
while your punk*ss is asleep.
being burned inside your dreams.
no way out, now you’re trapped.
burnt alive before you die.
you are all the same.
don’t act like you don’t know.
your homeboy started acting up.
now he’s six feet below.
who are you trying to fool?
acting like you’re so tough.
get the notion out your head.
or i’ll call out your bluff.
corpses piled in rows.
murdered wimps who chose to pose.
human race, soon it dies.
without pleasure, souls demise.
stricken sick, laid to waste.
desperate when troubles faced.
no choice left but to succ*mb.
exterminate all poser sc*m.

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