bet’cha your job lyrics – i am the ocean

i had a dream it was my birthday today…
for a while it became normal, but now i wish that i had
not forgot so much…
was there a battle here?
me vs. me?
perhaps… perhaps…
(i dunno)
but here it is now anyway: the kid’s (severed) head –
right there in my lap!
i (notice that now i) got my head in my hands, and my
hands are in my lap.
(head in hands)
(hands in lap)
i don’t know if i do (know) though if it’s bad news or
bad *ss..

(wake up dreaming still)
but here i am now anyway, and it’s my birthday…
swear to god i’m gonna buy something bad.
(maybe an apple bi-product)
(or a product by “apple”)
and i don’t know, but i’ll bet you your job that it
will be the baddest thing you ever seen.

i sure hope that this dream is really just a dream.
and i’m saying it once again: i sure do hope that dream
was just a dream.
because if it was not then i got a problem that’s
getting to big to be controlled and my hands are just
barely not big enough…
plus it’s my birthday, and i don’t need some “dead-me”
to come and ruin it.
it’s my birthday, and i swear to god i’m gonna buy
something bad.

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