betray lyrics – seraphim

an affliction and coldest breathing
reflecting this world ungratefully, fighting mistiness
marching hard on the time of despair in the dark suffocating night

hopeless ingrat*tude, emerging desire, world shaking deeply
degraded unveiled sadness, a cry of pain in endless illusion

the soaring spirit fly away, leaving daybreak across an abyss of suffering
hear the echo of bell s toll from the firmament, floating in the air

intention free! a miserable soul, betray your mind!

in my dream, there s a weighty thinking
breeze of dark night, wipe crying eyes deep in my heart
the devil s wriggle and the sin of desire,
dripping down to blood of the sea

fascinated ecstasy, emotional sunlight s shining the backfire
no more guilty hypocrite, the floating fire released from eternity

lost in thought in wonderland, insouciant farewell to fading dreamland
look up to the sky within a perfect tenderness, a p*ssionate crime!

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