beyond and back lyrics – cage


[cage verse]
its the worm king
here to teach you strange things
they slammed me on my chest to earth with clipped off wings
so trying to flap squirtin your b*tch if she hurtin
my worms crawled in the, and crawled out through venelation
got 16 hearts all palpitating
mutate half way to manifestation
i got 5 star ratins on my d*ck, rappin’
scr*ppin’ your brains with the brush of death
sent for some f*ckin’ noises
if no b*tch *ss accent
militant experiment goin’ a-wall
plus your runnin’ down the block with your ripped off face?
son of pontius if your mador’s feelin’ monstrous
my subconscious projects psychedelics mirages under garages
i spit g’s like a hoax scientist
slobbin’ off the hook with the f*ckin’ worm b*tch
f*ckin’ worm b*tch, f*ckin’ worm b*tch

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