beyond time and memory lyrics – inanna

your eyes are lost in the fog of thoughts
travelling through insanity
the sands of time are cleansing you
a cosmic cell within your mind

walking on roads of nightmares of old
grey towers rise to the sky in macabre majesty
your human horrors are turning to wisdom
the unseen

in front of you, ent*ties of archaic splendor
their desolate greatness is ruled by this horrendous
grand design
the universe is furthest from your locked up reality
erased is your present, condemned is your past

your hidden fears, the ancient dementia
the unknown presence of these almighty visions
corrodes your conscience, your hope, your pitiful…
human ways

search of endless memories and unexplored seas
the truth of your existence is to be revealed
through occult volumes of atrocious insolence
the learning of your own doom, your final journey

falling in the eternal dark, in a tomb of timeless
lurking for sanity within this chambers of sleeping
all lights are dead, knowledge embraces your soul
trapped in the abomination of the great race of yith

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