big cat’s home lyrics – gucci mane

aiyyo make sure you get the backwood off the puff my n*gg*
[knocking three times] [buzzing doorbell]
i ain’t gon’ lie [buzz, buzz buzz]
that sh*t was some good weed n*gg* why you bullsh*ttin?
[buzzing again] i need me some more of that
(who is it?) magic! (hold on)
(cat!) “yo” (magic at the do’ for ya)
“f*ck you tellin me that for? let magic in man he family”
[door opens and shuts]
’bout to go holla at the big boy man
just came home fresh, seems proper, feel me? {yup}
stay right here, i gotta holla at him, y’know?
just some one-on-one sh*t, chill out
{ah, al-alright, alright, alright, yeah, yeah, yo}

[magic (big cat)]
big boy, what’s good?
(yo magic, wh*ssup dawg? i ain’t seen you in a minute)
ain’t sh*t man, y’know
been out here in the street (yeah?)
you see i ain’t dead y’knahmean or in h*ll y’know?
(that’s wh*ssup my n*gg* but check it out man)
(what’s been goin on, man i’ve been gone for minute, what’s poppin?)
you know we’ve been hittin the streets hard man
y’know i, i been hearin a lot of bullsh*t
but y’know i laugh at bullsh*t y’know
(yeah i know what you talkin about y’knahmayin?)
(that ol’ gucci mane situation but i tell you what)
(we ain’t gon worry ’bout that sh*t right now, y’knahmsayin?)
(that n*gg* makin us money – we eatin off this n*gg* dawg!)
cheah hold up hold up hold up i got’chu man
now that you see what we worth [drops bag on table, unzips it]
(what’chu got dere?) courtesy of coochie man and atlantic records
(ohh man, ooh, sh*t~! ain’t seen this many hundreds in a…)
[slaps money down] (boy, that’s what i’m talkin about baby)
that’s right (that’s all for me?)
yeah man y’know that’s for you man (oooh! . yeah)
that’s better than a visit man (that’s what i’m talkin about)
(good lookin dawg, good lookin)
know you was wonderin why i ain’t come see you man
but you know i couldn’t come see you caged up
(i see you i see you was busy handlin business and sh*t)
(gettin sh*t right) yes sir, yes sir
(yeah that’s what i’m talkin about but check it out magic)
(it’s all about that music sh*t right now)
(we gotta chill out on the other sh*t y’knahmsayin?)
(it’s too many bodies poppin up, too many n*gg*z talkin)
(y’knahmsayin? and we ain’t with allathat)
(we gon’ fly under the radar right now, and f*ck with this music sh*t)
(y’knahmsayin? that’s where the real money at, y’knahmsayin)
i feel you my n*gg*, i i heard it was money there y’know?
i seen n*gg*z gettin money in there, y’knahmsayin?
i need some of that (sh*t it’s your time baby)
(just don’t forget, motherf*ckin coochie mane)
(we ain’t worryin about him right now)
(he dissin the motherf*ckin family, or tryin to. do what he doin?)
(we ain’t worryin about him, cause we eatin off him)
(let him live my ya dig?)
and you know how much i love money n*gg* [echoes]
(that’s right!)

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