big john shaft lyrics – belle & sebastian

i’ll make another movie
the same one as the year before
i’ll take a tired idea
and put it in the hands of hollywood

i need to talk to someone
i’ve been living someone else’s life
i don’t get no mail at my house anymore
my manager’s my bride

i’m leaving on a jet plane
i’ll see my baby soon enough
i won’t take her to the movie
i’m worried that the lines become all blurred

i couldn’t help but feeling something
when the boss told us to act this way
i’m ashamed of my profession
i would do the same again

i’ll make another movie
same one as the year before
i’m looking for a story
something ludicrous to rise up from the street

i won’t play another heavyweight
i won’t play another big john shaft
put me in a frock and leave me to recite
maybe my career will die

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