billy is a runaway lyrics – iggy pop

billy was a bird dog
he pulled up in a bonneville
i went to see my manager
he usually handles these things

billy pulled his wallet
full of hundred dollar bills
took me for a joyride

drivin’ in the left lane
talkin’ ’bout the stereo
i’m thinkin’ ’bout my burial

we pulled into the liquor store
and he was underage

and all he said to me was
put your money away

’cause billy is a runaway

billy’s got a family
gonna skin him alive

his dope dealing sister
wants him to join the enterprise

i leave him at the motel
they can talk it all over

his sister’s got a baby now
and billy hardly knows her

well i’m a friendly kind of guy
and i had to have him over
i gave him a drink

what do you think
his hands start shakin’
his boots start quakin’

billy is a runaway (x4)

runaway (x3)

his hands start shakin’
his boots start quakin’

runaway baby

billy is a runaway (x2)

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