billy jones lyrics – waifs

well we grew up together in an urban town
just me and billy jones always hanging around
he was a mummaâ? s little boy, he was an only child
his clothes were always neat and his hair carefully styled

all the games weâ? d play i couldnâ? t understand why
iâ? d have to play the groom and let billy be the bride
all those pretty dresses that heâ? s love to wear
iâ? d wear a floppy hat billy heâ? d put flowers in his hair
heâ? d even wear my underwear and put flowers in his hair

a few years later you know we kinda drifted apart
my family moved south to make a new start
i missed billy, mum said that was wrong
dad said â? that boy just donâ? t know where he belongsâ?
where does he belong?

a few years later i was working in a bar
it was smoky and dark, there was a blues man playing guitar
when in walked a woman wearing emerald green
with a voluptuous figure, she was beautiful and lean
she was looking pretty mean

a full martini shaken not stirred
it was only until about after her third
i started looking closely, man i should have known!
it was my old friend; you guessed it, billy jones
oh my god billy jones! oh sh*t billy jones!

tears filled our eyes as we began to speak
heâ? d been living a lie, a life so discreet
it made me feel sad to hear him say
in a voice so sweet â? honey you can call me janeâ?

as the night wore on we spoke of yesterday
and how billy has always known that he was gay
i never knew how much a person could change
from little billy jones to lean, luscious jane

billy jane jones this comes from my heart
i hope your nights are filled with a thousand stars
but donâ? t waste your sweetness in the empty air
â? cause you donâ? t know how cold and dark it is out there

this is the ballad of billy jane jones

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