bingo-master’s breakout lyrics – fall

two swans in front of his eyes
colored b*lls in front of his eyes
it’s number one for his kelly’s eye
treble-six right over his eye
a big shot’s voice in his ears
worlds of silence in his ears
all the numbers account for years
checks the cards through eyes of tears
bingo-master’s breakout!
all he sees is the back of chairs
in the mirror, a lack of hairs
a lighted room, checks fill out
here the players all shout
bingo-master’s breakout!
a gl*ss of lager in his hand
silver microphone in his hand

wasting time in numbers and rhymes
[one hand drug and faces bright]
bingo-master’s breakout!
came the time he flipped his lid
came the time he flipped his lid
holiday in spain fell through
players put it down to
bingo-master’s breakout
a hall full of cards left unfilled
he ended his life with wine and pills
there’s a grave somewhere only partly filled
a sign in graveyard on a hill reads
bingo-master’s breakout

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