birth of solstice lyrics – hordak

he who was born when night conquered day
while lightning roared through rainy clouds and gods
were hailed in his name
seed of warriors premise of war
grew up to became beast and forget being a prey
of cowards who attack when the earth needs to rest

time p*ssed by, years went away
winter by winter he awited in the snow
rains came and rains left and
the clay drawn the future he yearned for
oh’ green wooden throne
now you have turned uncomfortable, incomplete
look for the northern sh*r*s and
find the answers that wind offers you

one day a raven screamed his name
in dreams realised when leaving this land
on third autumn’s night
follow the way out of light

he who was born when ravens crossed the sky
at the earth where the fear ain’t taught
run to the forest following the oath but
weak and abandoned he laid down to sleep and
the licks of a wolf woke him up and
on its back he rode forth

riding without fear journey by journey
he won the battles of hungry and snow
loneliness, darkness now can’t touch him
he contemplates the ocean’s splendour

as he felt wind on his hair
grasped his sword staring at the waves
t*tan, your voice is eternal
ou will be my last step
this is the god i awaited to
open its arms for my body to die
i will sail far and beyond
until my heart stops

his wolf howled and ravens cried
from the clouds tears fell down
in the shape of the rain
now that’s far too long in a distant time
however his sword still dwells on this sh*r*s

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