bitch in a coma lyrics – dimension seven

you better this for dope!

speak right freak! from the start tell me what’s my part in your abuse
go on, put this shining needle back into your arm again and feel misused

why should i
be what you are in your trip? hypocrite!!
be what you see? to make you feel good?
give you a life? you better take this for dope!

why should i give you dope?
stay off the sh*t! you can’t resist…
you steal for it

user, misuser, abuser, turns into a loser, turns into a dream
do not project your sh*t on me, do not project you self-esteem

why should i
be what you are? you are sick!

you better take this drug b*tch

stay off the sh*t, because you steal for it

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