bitter end lyrics – insomnium

the silent moment right before the
dusk fades away
i open my eyes but the darkness
nightfrost covers the brittle flowers
around you
i realize that what i dreamt is true

beauty beyond words
my dearest one
her light burns my eyes
she is all mine

by these frosty waters i rest by
your side
i hold you in my arms for the last
if only i could tell you how i need
your love
if only you had seen what i kept in
my heart

now it’s the time of grieving
reign of sorrow in my heart
all i have ever wanted
is today forever gone
bitter is the nightly silence
bitter till the end of time
the sky grown ever darker
through now she”ll always be mine

i hold you on my arms so tight
i kiss your frozen lips for this last
for the first time

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