bitter truth lyrics – saint vitus

i knew a man, i ‘m proud to say
but he couldn’t live in a world he couldn’t see

hidden patterns genetic mold

the laws of life, it ‘s ways are cold

no one seemed to know for sure
a knowing look of falling to death ‘s door
living unreal, time is to steal

booking p*ssage on a journey unknown
blackened veins of nihilistic sadness

a painted mask substance induced gladness
with a spike or from a bottle

tiny cartoon pictures on a square of paper blotter

he was a man, was fear’s machine
sickness don’t fail, don’t succ*mb to self-esteem

unseen vessel, undreamed flight
no one knows if you were wrong or if you were right
r.i.p. h.b.

[dedicated to dough (h.b.) caldwell – r.i.p.]

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