bizarre (skit) (d12 world) lyrics – d12

[nasty minds d12 background]
sh*t dog,

[swifty mcvay]
i jus told him.
the motherf*cker that he goin’ to far wit this sh*t.
he’s doin’ that crazy *ss sh*t he talkin’ n*gg*.

uh what.?

[swifty mcvay]
n*gg* don’t act like you don’t know this group member.
mother f*cka’.
you know he talkin’ that crazy *ss sh*t.
he goin’ to far man.

[d12 mumbbeling]

[swifty mcvay]
man, it’s sweet. it aint bad.

[d12 mumbelling]

aiy, aiy, aiy, aiy, bizzy!
bring yo’ fat *ss over here.
n*gg*, c’mere.

[d12 laughing]

[swifty mcvay]
kick that sh*t in here.

wanna kick some sh*t man?

turn the radio down dogg, turn the radio dog.

my girlfriends in the olympics, she’ll be running track meets
im lieying, shes a pera pleeder, she eats wit her feet’

[d12 laughing]

the f*ck’ you laughin at?
she’ll be here next week.
in a black jeep, wit 2 other handicap freaks.

[d12 laughing]

yeah n*gg*! haha.

that sh*ts dope man,
thats some crazy *ss sh*t.

that was some crazy sh*t dogg!

[d12 mumbelling]

that was crazy.
that was crazy as h*ll to hear.

[d12 laughing and mumbelling]

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